Information for Patients


Carpal tunnel
Tendon Injuries ? 
Trigger fingers
Basal thumb arthritis

Bone Health

Osteoporosis- diagnosis
Osteoporosis - treatment
Rickets and Osteomalacia
Pagets disease
Skeletal Dysplasias

Foot and Ankle

Ankle arthritis
Ankle instability
Hallux valgus
Hallux rigidus
Morton’s neuroma
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendinopathy



Back pain
Sciatica / Disc prolapse
Spinal stenosis / neurogenic claudication
Cervical myelopathy
Cervical radiculopathy
Spondylolysis . Spondylolisthesis

Sports Injuries

ACL tear & reconstruction
Cartilage tear/resection/repair
Chondral defects
Multi ligament knee injuries
Patellar instability

Common Conditions

Shoulder dislocation/stabilisation
Acetabular labral tears
Achilles' tendon ruptures



Broken Bones and Injuries

Joint Replacement

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